Admission Process prior to surgery
Visit Surgery Appointment Office
Prepare Required Documents
Come In For Pre-Op Exams
Pay Pre-Op Exam Deposit
Confirm Time Of Surgery


1. Once patients have consulted with their respective doctors about the need for surgery, they are required to visit our Surgery Appointment office where the following takes place
• Reading and agreeing to hospital-related documentation for the surgery
• Discussing required documents for third-party payor coverage
• Discussing any additional fees that must be paid
• Agreeing on a date for patient to come in for his/her pre-operation exams

2. Patient reverts back to his/her third-party payor and prepares any documents (if required)

3. Patients visits the hospital 24-48 hours prior to surgery for pre-op exams which include
• Blood / Urine exams
• X-ray
• EKG (heart reading)
• IOL Calculation (in the case of cataract surgery)
• Consutlation with the Anesthesiologist
• Consultation with a Cardiologist (if necessary)

4. Patient is required to leave a small deposit at the cashier to cover the cost of these tests in
case the surgery is cancelled. This money will be returned to the patient after surgery

5. Patient is informed at what time to visit the hospital the day of the surgery