Ear, Nose & Throat Services

General ENT Department

BESH’s ENT clinics are open to all visitors who just want to come in for a simple check-up, consultation, or simple procedure (e.g. ear wax removal). Doctors are available at the hospital to consult on any general ENT condition. Please check our page on common ENT conditions to read-up more on typical conditions.

Ear Department

In this department, BESH treats all kinds of ear conditions, infections and illnesses. This could be something as simple as a basic ear check-up and audiometry reading (to check your ears), treating hearing loss either via hearing aids, to something more complex involving surgery.

Nose Department

This department’s patients are typically people with allergies, breathing and sinus issues. BESH also provides a Rhinoplasty service – plastic surgery – also a popular choice among patients.

Throat Department

BESH is equipped with state of the art endoscopic equipment that allows doctors to examine all aspects of the throat. Patients in this department include, but are of course not limited to, children with inflamed tonsils and patients with voice chord/box issues.