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BESH Introduces the SMILE Laser Machine
Smile eye

The Beirut Eye & ENT Specialist Hospital is proud to be the first hospital in Lebanon to offer the SMILE Laser technology – the latest advancement in laser corrective surgery.

SMILE is an acronym for Small Incision Lenticule Extraction and is today’s state-of-the-art refractive laser surgery. It corrects myopia and astigmatism.

The surgeon uses a femtosecond laser to create a small bit of tissue (lenticule) within the cornea. Then, with the same laser, an incision is made in the surface of the cornea, and the lenticule is extracted and discarded.

The removal of the lenticule alters the shape of the cornea and thus corrects nearsightedness. The corneal incision quickly heals without stitches, and sharper vision occurs very quickly.

The SMILE procedure offers a number of benefits over more traditional methods. You can read more about the differences between the technologies by clicking here,

We also recommend you download an interview held with BESH’s cornea and refractive specialists / surgeons about the SMILE procedure: Advertorial SMILE.