Visiting Our Clinics
Appointment Booking
Optometrist Screening
Doctor Consultation
Payment & Appointment Reservation


1. Our clinics are accessible at any time during the week, however we highly recommend taking an appointment, waiting hours can be long without one

2. During a typical consultation the patient is first seen by an optometrist who performs the initial screening – in many instances the optometrist will dilate the patients‘ eyes causing blurry/hazy vision for up to 2 hours – Ensure you are not driving after.
In the case of ENT consultations the patient is immediately seen by the doctor

3. The doctor then consults with the patient. Outcomes will typically be (but are not limited to) the following:
• Patient is fine and no action is needed
• Medication may be prescribed / Follow-ups may be scheduled
• An investigation or minor procedure may have to be scheduled
• A surgery may have to be scheduled

4. The patient will then pass by the cashier to settle their fees, and can also book their next appointment at the reservations office